2015, HD color video with sound, objects and live performance, 7 min 30 sec (loop)
Presented at the Mona Bismarck Center and Silencio, PARIS

with Jos McKain & Teilo Troncy
camera: Martin DiCicco
sound: Zach Alterman
editor: Charlotte Dalia

INDEX is a performance comprised of short excerpts of past works Mast created between 2006 and the present that are internalized by two dancers and reinterpreted in front of an audience in the form of a live procession throughout the venue. While the performance acts like a rolodex or glossary in that it gathers parts of a greater whole, it ultimately aims to propose new meaning by mixing up and juxtaposing many moving parts. Underlying it all is an interest in the sculptural aspect of language, the potential profoundness of the seemingly mundane, and the ways in which miscommunication can incite instants of human connection.




ENDE (Like a New Beginning)

2014, HD color video with sound, objects and live performance, 7 min 30 sec (loop)
Presented at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles  as part of Made in L.A. Biennial 2014
with Ela Aldrete, Davie Blue, James Michael Cowan, Loren Fenton, David Gutierrez, Terrence Luke Johnson, Andrew Lush, Tim Reid
camera: Martin DiCicco
sound: Zach Alterman
editor: Vanara Taing

Commissioned by the Hammer Museum for Made in L.A., this piece is comprised of video, two “accumulation stations” and a series of unannounced live performances, all of which are dispersed throughout the museum’s peripheral zones. The video, which was filmed onsite at the museum, examines the moment, and how moment becomes memory. And then how memory becomes a sort of a malleable or fragile “fact”. Exploring the underlying complexities of language, translation, memory and miscommunication, it confronts the profoundness of the seemingly mundane and uses repetition and familiarity to incite instants of human connection. The performances activate seemingly fixed objects and recall the movement language featured in the video.



ENDE (Like a New Beginning) Footnote

2014, HD color video with sound, 2 min 10 sec (loop)
exhibited at Made in L.A., Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
La Ferme du Boisson, Paris
with Reagan Rundus & Jane Pickett
camera: Martin DiCicco

This video functions as a footnote to the central ENDE video and features a seven-year-old girl singing a personalized, more melancholy version of T Rex’s “Life is Strange”.





2013, video & performance
exhbited at La Ferme du Boisson, Noisel, France
a collaboration with Hana van der Kolk.  
Produced by Machine Project for Pacific Standard Time Present: Modern Architecture in L.A., an initiative of the Getty Museum.

Six Twelve One by One is a performance featuring six women who are all nearing the end of their first pregnancies. Simultaneously ubiquitous and extraordinary, the pregnant body can illicit complicated reactions. Six Twelve One by One examines these layers and ambivalences by giving audience members permission to look at pregnant bodies for a prolonged period as the women navigate a task-like series of actions. The actions, which highlight both the women’s solidarity and solitude, examine aspects of pregnancy including the comic, inane, mundane and grotesque. Staged in an enormous dome and featuring a minimal sound score, Six Twelve One by One evokes familiar images of solipsism and masculinity while presenting a space inhabited by one of the most explicit signifiers of womanhood.