2015, HD color video with sound, objects and live performance, 7 min 30 sec (loop)
Presented at the Mona Bismarck Center and Silencio, PARIS
with Jos McKain & Teilo Troncy
camera: Martin DiCicco
sound: Zach Alterman
editor: Charlotte Dalia

INDEX is a performance comprised of short excerpts of past works Mast created between 2006 and the present that are internalized by two dancers and reinterpreted in front of an audience in the form of a live procession throughout the venue. While the performance acts like a rolodex or glossary in that it gathers parts of a greater whole, it ultimately aims to propose new meaning by mixing up and juxtaposing many moving parts. Underlying it all is an interest in the sculptural aspect of language, the potential profoundness of the seemingly mundane, and the ways in which miscommunication can incite instants of human connection.